KNX Hotel Solutions

KNX Hotel Solutions for UK

At NM Controls we partner with Zennio UK.

Together, NM Controls and Zennio UK are committed to providing the latest technological products and services to support the hospitality industry closely collaborating with customers all over the world. If you own or operate a hotel or hospitality business, NM Controls Ltd can recommend, supply and install modern control systems. Enhance the functionality, comfort, and security of your business. Contact NM Controls Ltd for details on our KNX hotel solutions.

The Solution

NM Controls Hotel Solution combines the outstanding control properties of KNX with the scalability of IP networks and the opportunities of API integration.

Project Design and Remote Support

The combined teams of NM Controls and Zennio UK work closely with your designers, architects and consultants to meet your specifications.
Our dedicated remote support team ensures your hotel is always working.
Room solutions – lighting, Scenes, HVAC, blinds Room occupancy and DND/MUR, door access – all requirements for guest controls/comfort are catered for.
Common area Access control – whether it be by traditional room key card or ‘mobile key card’ access will be provided to the selected room/doors.

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